Engineering Biopolymers - Markets, Manufacturing, Properties and Applications

Hans-Josef Endres, Andrea Siebert-Raths

Engineering Biopolymers

Markets, Manufacturing, Properties and Applications


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ISBN: 9783446430020


Table of Contents
1 Introduction
1.1Definition of Topic
1.2What are Biopolymers?
1.3General Framework for Biopolymers
2Current Status
2.1History of Biopolymers
2.2Different Material Generations within the Biopolymer Groups
2.3Bio-Degradability and Compostability
2.5Raw Material and Cropland Requirements for the Production of Biopolymers
2.6Sustainability and Entropy Efficiency of Biopolymers
2.7Proprietary and Patent Situation of Biopolymers
3Regulatory Framework for Biopolymers
3.1Testing Standards for Compostability
3.2Test Standards for Execution (Normative References)
3.3Permissible Additives and Auxiliary Materials
3.4Compostability Certification
4Manufacture and Chemical Constitution of Biopolymers
4.1Manufacture of Biopolymers
4.2Chemical Constitution of Biopolymers
5Engineering Properties of Biopolymers
5.1Property Profiles of Major Biopolymers
5.2Comparing Biopolymer Properties with Conventional Plastic Materials
6End-of-Life Options for Biopolymers
6.1Land Fill
6.5Anaerobic Digestion - Bio-Gas Production
6.6Product-Specific Disposal
7Life-Cycle Analysis of Biopolymers
7.2Life-Cycle Analysis Data for Biopolymers
8Biopolymer Market
8.1Current Availability and Future Capacities
8.2Current Market Prices
8.3Current Market Players in the Field of Biodegradable Polymers
8.4Current List of Biopolymer Manufacturers and Material Types
8.5Biopolymer Processors and Converters
9Future Perspective


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