Training in Injection Molding - A Text and Workbook

Walter Michaeli, Helmut Greif, Gernot Kretzschmar, Frank Ehrig

Training in Injection Molding

A Text and Workbook


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E-Book kaufen

ISBN: 9783446401822


This text/workbook covers the entire field of injection molding - from materials, to processing, to issues of occupational safety, and to the recycling of injection molded parts. Key questions help readers work through the lesson with specific objectives in mind. Review questions allow readers to test their knowledge.
Reviews: '... accomplishes its intended purpose of being an excellent [general] teaching aid.' Injection Molding
- Basic Principles of Plastics
- The Injection Molding Machine
- The Plasticating and Injection Unit
- The Mold
- The Clamping Unit
- Drive Systems and Controls
- The Injection Molding Process
- Mold Design
- Quality Assurance in Injection Molding
- Recycling of Plastics Waste
- The Modern Injection Molding Company
- Occupational Safety Around Injection Molding Machines
- Glossary of Injection Molding Technology


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